Charter Fishing


Well it’s time to book that fishing trip you’ve been talking about for a while now. You’ve been searching the web, going to outdoor shows, watching TV shows wanting to pick the best trip with the greatest chance for success. Just talking to your friends & family about the one that got away you feel your no closer to deciding where to go or where to stay. I know how it feels, there are a lot of stuffed fish out there saying they’re the best & that they don’t miss.

If you’ve landed on our site or spoken to us, I’m sure we are one of many outfitters you are contemplating. Decisions, decisions.  What to decide, is it a sales pitch or reality. Have you been told everything? Did they neglect to mention additional costs or was something missed in the fine print. That can be very costly and extremely discouraging. We provide everything with no hidden costs, fuel or dock fees.

Our Motto: Provide the very BEST trip while creating memories that last a lifetime

Bobby Lynn’s Marina is located in the heart of the famous Barataria National Estuary. These are the breeding grounds for most of the Gulf Of Mexico. Waters in this area are teeming with abundant inshore species such as Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Drum, Shrimp and so many more. Our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico can have you fishing offshore for Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack and much more in only minutes. It’s not uncommon to catch several different types of fish in the same day. We specialize in inshore fishing but can help you with booking an offshore trip also.

Our fish limits are very liberal. Each fisherman is allowed to catch 25 trout, 5 redfish and more of other species. We are not claiming to be able to do that on a consistent basis, but it does happen. Our tremendously abundant fisheries offer anglers the best chance of catching lots of quality fish.  Fishermen have been known to lie, but pictures don’t. Check out our gallery of photos.>

How we fish

We fish in a variety of ways. Casting and retrieving artificial lures with or without a cork. We also fish with Carolina rigs & corks with live and fresh bait

In the open bays, we will anchor on submerged reefs and old oil field platforms or troll around them till we find the fish.

On the coastline, we fish along rock jetties and anchor off the beach to catch fish running along the troughs in between the sand bars.

In the marsh, we can troll the banks casting for redfish or set up on cuts with moving water to catch them stacking up on points.




Our accommodations are located in the marina you will be departing from. No need to drive to meet your Captain at some dock you’ve never been to searching in the dark to find your boat and crew. Our charters leave from your room and return back there. Simply wake up & get on board to go fishing. No problems!

Our guides also clean your catch at no additional fee. The fish cleaning area is close to the rooms to allow you to drink a cold one & reminisce on the trip while your catch is cleaned and bagged for you.

Too tired to wait on the fish, head back to your room & cool off, take a nap or shower and the guide will deliver your fish to your room.


What you need to bring 

Food & drinks – we have ice chest on board or you can bring your own.

Insect repellent, Sun tan lotion, rain gear & fish towel



Please call us for seasonal rates.

(985) 396-2678

Tips are optional

We have several boats available to accommodate large groups.

We do provide multiple day discounts upon request.

*Charter rates based on fuel price of less than $4.00 per gallon. All prices subject to change based on an increase in fuel cost.

What is a day of fishing?

A typical day of fishing starts at safe light. Time of year and sunrise will dictate what time we will leave the dock. We fish till 1-2p or till a limit for the boat has been caught.

If the fishing is slow most guides will fish a little longer.